MAY 2009
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The onestopenglish team is very excited to announce onestopblogs, the online grapevine for English teachers. Featuring blogs from the best teachers, trainers and linguists on the web, onestopblogs is your portal for news, views, tips and trends in ELT.

The spring can be a testing time for teachers but, fear not, Adrian Tennant is here to take us through the sometimes controversial topic of assessment in English language teaching with our new series, Assessment matters.

And Jonathan Marks, our pronunciation expert and author of a new pronunciation skills lesson, talks about teaching English, writing and telling jokes in this exclusive interview.

There's lots more great content - take your time to explore and enjoy another packed edition of onestopenglish!

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In closing ...: This month, Shiriin Barakzai signs off from the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan - she is off to explore new horizons. Her diary entries will be sorely missed here on onestopenglish, but she leaves us with some charming anecdotes to keep us going.

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Business & ESP
Business tasks: Changes: A lesson by Adrian Doff for students to practise talking about how things have changed or been altered.

Nursing: Moving and handling: Part six of a new series of English-language worksheets for nurses. In this set of reading and listening activities, students learn about safe and appropriate moving and handling strategies.
Assessment matters: Adrian Tennant takes us through the sometimes controversial topic of assessment in English language teaching, from tools for assessment, such as Portfolios and Can Do statements, to specific methods of assessment, such as diagnostic tests. The first article, What is Assessment?, is free for all users.

Choose from 300 exams resources. There is a comprehensive Cambridge ESOL section covering PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, TKT and BEC. We also offer practice materials for IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL. All our practice materials are written by experienced exams writers.
Browse the Exams section >>
Grammar & Vocabulary
Dictionary skills: Travel: A dictionary skills lesson plan by Tim Bowen on the theme of travel, to give learners practice in using the dictionary to check meaning and for vocabulary development.

There are over 300 resources in this section. In addition to the free, in-depth grammar reference, there are also hundreds of lesson plans and worksheets in British and American English.
Browse the Grammar & Vocab section >>

Pronunciation skills: How many syllables?: This lesson by Jonathan Marks focuses on plural nouns and 3rd person singular verbs which are spelt with the ending -es.


In this ever-expanding section, you'll find a bank of easy-to-use lesson plans, activities and podcasts designed to tackle problematic pronunciation with your students.
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Teacher Support & Methodology
Macmillan webinars: The Macmillan Webinars are a series of talks from some of the biggest names in ELT. You can watch these directly in your web browser, right here on onestopenglish. The first webinar - New technology - new pedagogies, by Pete Sharma - is available now.

Ask the experts: Proficiency students: Lindsay Clandfield offers some advice to a teacher in Poland whose Proficiency-level students are no longer challenged by their coursebook.
Young Learners

Spot on news lessons for teens: Challenge yourself: This month's Spot on news lesson looks at a few inspiring young people who have learnt new skills and challenged themselves by working for bronze, silver or gold medals.
Selections level 3: Picture perfect: A story by Helen Douglas about art, with a complete lesson plan and worksheets by Adrian Tennant.

Onestop Phonics: This fantastic series, by Rachel Finnie, will provide teachers with comprehensive support for their phonics teaching, including tips for structuring phonics lessons, as well as teacher's notes, worksheets, audio and flashcards to use in class.
Download a sample podcast and lesson plan >>

News Lessons
Weekly news lesson 135: World’s biggest democratic poll begins: When voters in parts of central and eastern India vote in this year’s election, it will be the start of the largest democratic election in history.

New this month: Smoothie makers tread familiar path to lucrative deal: Innocent, the ethically-aware smoothie business, has sold part of its company to the US drinks group Coca-Cola for £30m. Like other niche brands, Innocent must convince customers it hasn’t sold out.
Games & Activities

Games and activities: Did you know that we have over 250 interactive games and activities on onestopenglish?
M Tunes: Every Day: A song video and interactive games on the topic of daily activities.
M Tunes: I'm Ready to Play!: A song video and interactive games on the topic of sports.

M Tunes: An award-winning multimedia series for children featuring contemporary live-action and animated music videos. Each video is accompanied by a set of interactive games which are designed to practice and improve the skills, vocabulary and grammar presented in the songs.
Download a sample song video and interactive games >>

Audio & Podcasts

The Road Less Travelled Season Two: Episode 12: The truth: Katie finally manages to confess her awful secret to Sal.
The Road Less Travelled
Season Two: Episode 13: A shoulder to cry on:
Michael is trying to give Katie some advice when Sal phones. Katie is nervous about answering the call - will Sal forgive her?

The Road Less Travelled Season One: You can sample a taster from Season One here.
Download a sample podcast and lesson plan >>

Jonathan Marks
Author of the month: Jonathan Marks
Your English
by Tim Bowen
New: Idioms: foot
A series of short articles investigating the intricacies of the English language: phrasal verbs, collocations, idioms and word grammar.
Lesson Share
from the archive
Caravan or cruise liner?
Camilla Mayhew brings us this simple but effective lesson idea for students to learn something about their new classmates and teacher.
Teachers' Diaries
Teachers' Diaries: Teaching monks in Bhutan by Shiriin Barakzai
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