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It’s up, up and away this month as onestopenglish takes inspiration from the holiday season to bring you a suitcase full of resources for August!

Our Hospitality and Tourism series by industry expert Keith Harding continues by offering some useful vocabulary and role-play on checking in at hotels and airports and this month’s Spot on news lesson introduces us to the teenage actor Kyle, who relocated to Shanghai from America. He has some fascinating cultural comparisons as well as his onscreen exploits to share.

Plus, we – not so intrepidly – made it as far as a teachers’ conference in Wales to bring you our Live from Cardiff podcast and related activities. Here, teachers told us how much (or how little!) they miss their students while they are away from them.

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Class report from Bhutan: In a new collaboration with the Guardian Weekly, we talk to teachers teaching in interesting and challenging situations across the globe. This month we interview Stephanie Earnshaw, who is teaching English in Bhutan.

Business & ESP
Hospitality and Tourism: Keith Harding presents a series of resources for English learners in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Each set features step-by-step notes for teachers and comes at two levels: elementary and intermediate. This month, we've published the second lesson plan, Checking in at hotels and airports.

Business tasks series: In this 20-part series, Adrian Doff provides a comprehensive set of worksheets covering functional language in business, along with business-related grammar practice and language development.
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BULATS: Multiple choice gap-filling: Reading and Language Knowledge: This lesson, by Russell Whitehead, is designed to help you engage your students' interest and understanding with multiple choice gap-filling tasks in the BULATS Reading and Language Knowledge test.

Assessment matters: Preparing students for tests and exams: Adrian Tennant looks at how most exams test a student’s ability to do tests, and gives some practical tips aimed at helping you prepare your students.

Choose from 300 exams resources. There is a comprehensive Cambridge ESOL section covering PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, TKT and BEC. We also offer practice materials for IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL. All our practice materials are written by experienced exams writers.
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Grammar & Vocabulary

Fun with grammar: Streetpets: An information-gap activity at elementary level to practice the present simple of live and have got.

There are over 300 resources in this section. In addition to the free, in-depth grammar reference, there are also hundreds of lesson plans and worksheets in British and American English.
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Pronunciation skills: Adverbs of frequency: Adverbs of frequency such as always and sometimes are a familiar teaching point. But there are plenty of other commonly-used adverbial phrases expressing frequency, and these tend to have fixed stress patterns. This lesson by Jonathan Marks practises some of these phrases with a particular focus on their stress patterns.


In this ever-expanding section, you'll find a bank of easy-to-use lesson plans, activities and podcasts designed to tackle problematic pronunciation with your students.
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Teacher Support & Methodology
Summer school resources: Onestopenglish is packed with hundreds of bright ideas for your summer school programme. Take a look at some of these resources and make yours a stress-free summer!

From the archive: Teaching with minimal resources: Monday morning? No coursebooks? Broken photocopier? Adrian Tennant and Lindsay Clandfield give us tips and ideas for teaching English with minimal or no resources.
Young Learners

Spot on news lessons for teens: Shanghai Star: This month's Spot on news lesson is about an American teenage actor who moved to China when he was 13 years old.

Onestop Phonics: This fantastic series, by Rachel Finnie, will provide teachers with comprehensive support for their phonics teaching, including tips for structuring phonics lessons, as well as teacher's notes, worksheets, audio and flashcards to use in class.
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News Lessons
Weekly news lesson 148: Bolivia brings end to bizarre tourist attraction: Authorities in Bolivia are clamping down on corruption in the notorious San Pedro prison. The La Paz jail previously allowed tourists to bribe their way in to shop, eat and take drugs.

New this month: Can Cristiano Ronaldo earn it like Beckham?: At £80 million, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the world's most expensive football player. However, can he become as successful a brand as David Beckham?
Games & Activities

Games and activities: Did you know that we have over 250 interactive games and activities on onestopenglish?
M Tunes: Top Secret Mission: A song video and interactive games on the subject of espionage.

M Tunes: An award-winning multimedia series for children featuring contemporary live-action and animated music videos. Each video is accompanied by a set of interactive games which are designed to practice and improve the skills, vocabulary and grammar presented in the songs.
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Audio & Podcasts

The Road Less Travelled Season Two: The end of the road: Last month, we discovered that an overwhelming majority of you think that Sal shouldn't marry Rich and we gave you your chosen ending for Season Two of The Road Less Travelled. This month, you can find out just what would've happened if Sal hadn't come to her senses as we bring you optional ending 2. Don't do it Sal! Plus, Lindsay Clandfield has some suggestions on how you and your class can get the most out of the show's finale.

Live from Cardiff: Teachers: The onestopenglish reporters have been in Cardiff to bring you another lesson in our Live from ... series. We interviewed people at a teachers’ conference, and asked them the question, “When you are away from your students, what do you miss about them?”

The Road Less Travelled Season One: You can sample a taster from Season One here.
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Onestopblogs: The new blogs website from onestopenglish
Your English
by Tim Bowen
Phrasal Verbs: animals
A series of short articles investigating the intricacies of the English language: phrasal verbs, collocations, idioms and word grammar.
Competition winner
Lesson Share
My Life
In this lesson by Paul Ashe, students compile an autobigraphy in English. Perfect for project work or for the start of a new term.
Teachers' diaries
Teaching in Bhutan by Steph Earnshaw
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